Publications 2019

Authors Bakker de, D.M., Duyl van, F.C., Perry, C.T., Meesters, E.H.
Title Extreme spatial heterogeneity in carbonate accretion potential on a Caribbean fringing reef linked to local human disturbance gradients.
Global Change Biology 25: 4092-4104
Author Bakker de, A.E. 
  40 years of change on the coral reefs of Curacao and Bonaire. PhD thesis, Wageningen University and Research.
Author Webb, A.E. 
Title Reef dissolution. Rates and mechanisms of coral dissolution by bioeroding sponges and reef communities. PhD thesis, Utrecht University.
Authors Webb, A.E., Pomponi, S.A., van Duyl, F.C., Reichart, G-J. de Nooijer, L.J.
Title pH regulation and tissue coordination pathways promote calcium carbonate bioerosion by excavating sponges.
Scientific Reports 9:758